Bio: I am a stay at home mom who writes book reviews. I have many interests including art, scrapbooking and photography.

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I am a stay at home mom too. I love to read, although I do not write reviews. However, I do love to write. I am working on a novel and hope to be published one day!! I love your blog, I usually dabble in it when its my coffee time too!!!

    1. Hi! I started writing reviews because my cousin, , is a new author and explained the importance of them. If your novel is as funny as your blog then I’m sure it will be a success! I can’t wait to read it.For me coffee time is all the time. It keeps the people in my life safe.

      1. LOL Yes, I always have coffee in my hand, right up to the point when I pass out at night! Thank you so much for you kind words and stopping by my site!!!

  2. Hi Jes, I’m a stay at home mom too 😉 and like MamaLisa I am also a writer. I think its fabulous that you’ve taken up the cause for your cousin and other writers in need of honest reviews. In fact, I was wondering if you accepted free eBooks in exchange for reviews? If so, perhaps adding a “submissions” tab to your page would help bring you more free reading 😀

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