Woman’s rude note over handicapped parking spot goes viral

This is such a shame! I hope the apartment complex solves this.


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MIAMISBURG, Ohio — An Ohio woman with a prosthetic leg says she was happy when her apartment complex gave her a parking spot closer to her door, but now she is in a battle of words with a neighbor who keeps taking her spot.

Accoridng to WKEF, 26-year-old Ashley Brady lost her right leg in an accident last year. She learned to walk again with a prosthetic, but getting across her apartment complex’s parking lot proved difficult, especially when there was snow and ice.

So, the apartment complex designated a parking spot for Brady to park closer and avoid icy falls.

“I finally get my handicapped parking spot last Thursday, and then I come home on Saturday, and they’re parking in my parking spot,” Brady told WKEF.

She decided to leave a note when she didn’t see a handicap placard or plate, but in return, she received a very rude letter under her…

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Boy who ‘came back from heaven’ admits story was a lie, book pulled from shelves

Why lie?


A boy who said he went to heaven and came back to earth now admits he made up the entire story.

Alex Malarkey, the boy who inspired the best-selling book, “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven,” admitted in a recent letter to the book’s publisher he lied about going to heaven and visiting with angels.

Alex was in a coma for two months after a serious car crash in 2004. When Alex woke up, he gave detailed descriptions of meeting Jesus and the devil.

The best-selling Christian book was co-written by Malarkey and his dad, Kevin, who is a Christian therapist near Columbus. The book was published by Tyndale House in 2010.

But now, Alex, who is a quadriplegic, said none of it happened. Pulpit and Pen released the letter Alex sent to the book’s publisher:

“I did not die. I did not go to Heaven. I said…

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Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary

This sounds like a very interesting read!

Steven D. Jennings

SC book cover

Riots, violence, hustling, tattooing, shooting heroin, smoking weed, making pruno, revenge, love, family, redemption…this book has it all. Eighteen years into a 43 year sentence, Steven Jennings takes you inside this hidden society and truly exposes the realities of prison life.

The images within the pages of Stone City are straight from the depths of prison society, raw and uncensored. They were taken with illegal cellphones that were smuggled in by inmates.

In a world full of misconduct, it’s extremely hard to go legit, yet necessary to become a productive member of society. Can Steven truly change his ways inside such a hostile environment? See for yourself inside the gripping pages of
“Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary.”

Read Chapter 1 for free.

Read Chapter 19 for free.


Amazon Kindle Store
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Stone City Publishing


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Links for Holiday Shopping for Friends and Family! @instagc

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Now Doing Book Reviews

The winter blues have brought me way down lately. I’m glad that November has passed.November will forever be the most depressing month for me. I lost my dad and my uncle in the month of November. Knowing my dad never met my baby depresses me. I can only hope he is watching from above.

Since I spend all day at home with the baby, I decided I want to do something that I liked. I have been reading books and writing reviews for them. I actually enjoy doing this and the reviews are helpful to the authors. I have already published many of them on Goodreads and Amazon, and will start putting them on here too.

Currently I am reading:

Billy JFeatured imageoel by Fred Schruers (received free from Goodreads)



AnybodFeatured imagey’s Daughter (Angela Evans #2) by  Pamela Samuels Young


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rain, rain go away….

I decided that since it was going to hit almost 50 degrees outside that we would walk to the park. The park is only about 5 blocks away. We made it all the way to the park entrance and then I noticed these giant, dark grey clouds. The clouds were thinking of spitting on us, so we had to go all the way back home. Now I am forced to actually study for my math test.Image

Bored at home and trying to make $$

Since Spring seems to be missing this year I often find myself stuck inside the house all day with my 20 month old. She is easily satisfied watching Elmo but I can only take so much. I’m trying to earn money from home. Finding legit sites is hard but I have found some!

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Cons: Getting to $2 without referrals took me a week and a half BUT surveys are cute and extremely short!

2. Swagbucks ~ swagbucks.com/refer/Jessyca ~ can get gift cards and paypal bucks for free. Take surveys and watch videos.

Pros: I have gotten paypal money with this. Easy to get points by searching and looking out for codes Do not need referrals to earn!

Cons: Getting 2500 points for a $25 paypal gift card does take a while. There are cheaper gift cards but I prefer money!

3. Instant Gift Card ~ http://www.instagc.com/73408 ~ a site that by doing tasks like watching videos gets you points towards gift cards such as amazon.com

Pros: Pretty easy to do. Cash out at $1 for gift cards. Earning that $1 is fast and usually within a couple hours. You can make free money to buy what you want on Amazon or go to other sites and trade the codes for what you want.

Cons: So far the only con is that I have to clear my cache so I can watch the videos again to receive the credit.

I will keep looking for more sites to earn money! I always try them out first before recommending them!