#BookReview he Chronicles of My Paranormal Romance by Adam G. Tarsitano

Featured imageFeatured imageThe Chronicles of My Paranormal Romance by Adam G. Tarsitano is not your ordinary romance novel. Instead or a way to mushy, Twilight-like love story, Tarsitano writes a unique one. The story is told from the author’s point of view and shows how he struggles to write the ultimate vampire romance novel.

The Chronicles of My Paranormal Romance is the second book I have read by Adam G. Tarsitano. The first one being Broken Birdie Chirpin, which was about a rock star. So far The Chronicles of My Paranormal Romance is my favorite work of his. I really liked that it was not the typical romance novel. I do love vampire romances but too often they are the same story told in slightly different ways. Tarsitano puts a completely new spin on the romance with it being in the background and the focus of the story being the author’s life. Tarsitano not only wrote a romance but also showed what authors go through to actually create a novel in this book.  I have yet seen any other author with a story similar to this.

I really enjoyed The Chronicles of My Paranormal Romance and liked seeing how an author thinks and what he goes through to actually write a novel. This book has added to my respect for all authors. It has also made me curious about Adam G. Tarsitano and wonder how similar is he to his character Zevon Drainer. I do look forward to reading more of Tarsitano’s work.

I gave this book 5 stars because it is so unique. I have posted my review on Goodreads, Amazon and theThe Reading Room.


#BookReview Beyond Believing: An Inspiring Story to Awaken the Heart by D.D. Marx

Featured imageFeatured imageBeyond Believing: An Inspiring Story to Awaken the Heart by D.D. Marx follows the life of two people, Olivia Henry and Finn McDaniels. Both characters face the loss of a loved one. Olivia loses her best friend Dan and Finn loses his wife. Unbeknown to them these losses are connected and put them on the path to each other.

At first I thought that Beyond Believing was going to be a book about finding love. It is actually a book about friendship and love. Marx’s characters are very likeable. The friends that Olivia has are truly amazing. They stick together and are always there for each other through the years. I wish I had just one friend like that. The death of Olivia’s best friend Dan was heartbreaking, but knowing he still gave her signs, like playing Small Town on the radio, was refreshing. It made me wish that I would receive signs from my lost loved ones. I liked that Marx’s characters have very different personalities. Olivia has a sense of humor that shines through even the darkest moments in the book. Finn is more serious but has a heart of gold. It was almost as if someone else was writing Finn’s character because his personality was so different. The way that Finn and Olivia finally meet is hilarious. I was glad that this was not the type of story where they are constantly missing each other. The way they met was natural almost like it is in life.

Marx says that Beyond Believing is a “love letter to friendship”, and that is exactly what it is. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read romance and anyone who has ever lost a loved one. I will now begin looking for any signs from my lost loved ones to know that they are still here with me. Personally, I am coming back as a butterfly.

I gave this book 5 stars and posted reviews on Goodreads and Reader’s Favorite.

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#BookReview Ratham Creek by Marie F. Martin

Featured imageFeatured imageRatham Creek by Marie F. Martin is a drama filled book with some romance thrown in. The book focuses around Arianne Hollis, a widower, who tries to find peace living in the mountains of Montana. There she meets mountain man Ross Ferrell, whom she may have a second chance at love with as long as he can escape his overbearing family’s ways. This romance is trying to happen as a blood feud between the Hoffman’s,another mountain clan, and the Ferrell’s is occurring.

Ratham Creek is the second book I have read by Martin, the first being Harbored Secrets. Martin does not disappoint and once again has surprised me with all the secrets. Just when you think Martin has revealed them all another secret pops up. Granny the matriarch of the Ferrell clan reminded me of the Godfather calling all he shots in the family. She does not trust outsiders and the whole family looked to her for guidance. I loved how close the Ferrell clan was. It made me want to move to their mountain and beg for them to adopt me. The book really takes off towards the middle when a lot begins to happen all at once. This is where readers will have a hard time putting the book down. The ending was something I did not expect and I wish it would have ended differently. No matter, it is still a good book.

I liked this book. Mountain people have always had a reputation of being hillbillies and inbreds. Martin shows that just because it is a rumor does not mean it is true. You should take the time to get to know people before passing judgment. I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and drama. I also look forward to reading Martin’s other novel, Maternal Harbor.

I gave this book 4 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads, The Reading Room and Amazon.