#BookReview Wounds of the Father: A True Story of Child Abuse, Betrayal, and Redemption by Elizabeth Garrison

5 stars

Featured imageFeatured imageWounds of the Father: A True Story of Child Abuse, Betrayal, and Redemption by Elizabeth Garrison is a brutally honest memoir. Garrison tells about her life of drugs and abuse as a teenager and how she finally overcame it.

I made the mistake of starting to read Wounds of the Father right before going to bed. Once I began it I did not want to put it down. Garrison does not sugar coat her feelings. What she writes is extremely honest and straight from the heart. Garrison was abused by her father and the abuse was ignored by her mother. I do not know how she is able to still have a relationship with her mother after this, but I have respect for her for doing so. Although Garrison’s story is more about her trying to destroy herself with drugs than the actual abuse she suffered, once you begin reading it you will know and understand why. For Garrison to finally get her life together was amazing and I can see her being an inspiration for others. I hope she has finally found the happiness that she truly deserves.

Wounds of the Father is a book that I will not forget. Garrison’s story touched my heart and has given me a better understanding of people in my own family. This is a book for anyone who is even remotely curious about drugs or has been abused. It is also a book that shows that change in one’s life is possible. I will definitely be recommending this book to people.

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads and on Amazon. This is a very good read!

#BookReview Because of You: A Memoir of Growing, Grieving and Mothering without a Mother by Leigh Vozzella


Featured imageFeatured imageBecause of You: A Memoir of Growing, Grieving and Mothering without a Mother by Leigh Vozzella is a short but heartfelt memoir to the author’s mother. It is also about how Vozzella overcame depression after her mother’s death.

In Because of You Vozzella writes about how after being abused by her mother as a child, she was able to rebuild a loving relationship with her as an adult. When Vozzella’s mother dies she struggles with depression which causes everything in her life to suffer, including her marriage. This book tells how she fought the depression and coped with grief after losing her mother Just as she was learning to love her again.

What drew me to Because of You, was that it was about a loss of a parent and how the author dealt with the depression that followed. When Vozzella wrote about her mother’s funeral and how the body was “so cold”, and when the casket finally closed that it finally hit her that her mother was gone, it really got to me. When my own father died I experienced the same and said those exact words. After reading the first few chapters, I could not understand why or how Vozzella could have any love for her mother after suffering abuse at her hands for years.  Later I understood that it was because her mother finally started to act like a mother, because of this they were finally able to have a loving mother-daughter relationship.

Overall I liked Because of You. I understand that writing this story was a healing process for Vozzella. This is good advice for anyone who has lost a loved one. I also admire Vozzella because she was able to make a difficult decision in her life in order to be happy. This is a good book for anyone who needs to start healing after losing a loved one or needs advice on how to deal with grief.

I gave this book 4 stars. You can feel the author’s emotions as you read the words. Reviews are posted on Goodreads and Reader’s Favorite.

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* I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite

#BookReview I’m Kevin Clark by Andrew Slap & Michael Burns


Featured imageFeatured image“Having a burger without meat is like swimming in a pool without water.” – Kevin Clark

I’m Kevin Clark by Andrew Slap & Michael Burns is a short, very funny story. It is about a few days in the life of Kevin Clark. During those days Kevin experiences all sorts of things, like a hot dog eating contest, and they are all hilarious.

Very few books can make me smile and laugh out loud throughout the entire book. I’m Kevin Clark did exactly that. At first I thought that Kevin was going to be just another “nerd” character with no voice, but Slap and Burns gave him a voice and an attitude. Kevin is a very likeable character with extremely bad luck. Kevin’s family is also funny and unique. Kevin’s grandma reminded me of my own with the things she says. My favorite part of the book was when Kevin tried to propose to his girlfriend in the women’s bathroom, but instead ended up getting slapped by an old lady. At the end of each chapter is a short summary of what occurred in it, which looks like someone wrote it in a notebook. The summaries are hilarious and make you remember everything you just read but in Kevin’s own voice.

Slap and Burns goal was to “not write the worst book ever” and they most definitely did not. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more adventures of Kevin Clark. This would be a good read for anyone who like humor or just needs a good laugh.Featured image

I gave this book 5 stars because it was funny throughout the whole book. Reviews are posted on Goodreads and Reader’s Favorite.

*I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite.

#BookReview WTF Moments In Psychotherapy: My 30 Years Of Practice Confronting The GODS of Absurdity, Fables, Fibs, Whoppers & Bullsh-t by Jere Parker

3 stars copy

Featured imageFeatured imageWTF Moments In Psychotherapy: My 30 Years Of Practice Confronting The GODS of Absurdity, Fables, Fibs, Whoppers & Bullsh-t by Jere Parker is a short humorous read. Parker works as an addictions counselor. The book is just a few stories of the weird things and people he encounters in his line of work.

First of all I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but the cover on this book is funny. That is actually what drew me to want to read this book. The stories are interesting and funny, such as what Joe the entertainer showers the room with when staff would enter it. The way Parker retells these stories is in a sarcastically but brutally honest way. At the beginning of most of the chapters, Parker tells the definition of his terminology. This is to insure the reader gets a clearer picture of what is actually going on in the story.

Overall the book is funny but I think Parker explains some things a little too much at times. This book might be good for anyone in the medical field that can use a smile. I for one hope I never end up a story in a book like this.

I gave this book 3 stars and have posted reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

#BookReview Beyond Believing: An Inspiring Story to Awaken the Heart by D.D. Marx


Featured imageFeatured imageBeyond Believing: An Inspiring Story to Awaken the Heart by D.D. Marx follows the life of two people, Olivia Henry and Finn McDaniels. Both characters face the loss of a loved one. Olivia loses her best friend Dan and Finn loses his wife. Unbeknown to them these losses are connected and put them on the path to each other.

At first I thought that Beyond Believing was going to be a book about finding love. It is actually a book about friendship and love. Marx’s characters are very likeable. The friends that Olivia has are truly amazing. They stick together and are always there for each other through the years. I wish I had just one friend like that. The death of Olivia’s best friend Dan was heartbreaking, but knowing he still gave her signs, like playing Small Town on the radio, was refreshing. It made me wish that I would receive signs from my lost loved ones. I liked that Marx’s characters have very different personalities. Olivia has a sense of humor that shines through even the darkest moments in the book. Finn is more serious but has a heart of gold. It was almost as if someone else was writing Finn’s character because his personality was so different. The way that Finn and Olivia finally meet is hilarious. I was glad that this was not the type of story where they are constantly missing each other. The way they met was natural almost like it is in life.

Marx says that Beyond Believing is a “love letter to friendship”, and that is exactly what it is. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read romance and anyone who has ever lost a loved one. I will now begin looking for any signs from my lost loved ones to know that they are still here with me. Personally, I am coming back as a butterfly.

I gave this book 5 stars and posted reviews on Goodreads and Reader’s Favorite.

*I reviewed this book for Reader’s FavoriteFeatured image

#BookReview Einstein’s Beach House: Stories by Jacob M. Appel

5 stars

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*The author sent me a free copy of his book in return for an honest review.

Einstein’s Beach House: Stories by Jacob M. Appel is a book of eight unique short stories. Each story in this book is so different and unlike anything I have ever read. Each story also has a message in it. How you interpret is all up to the reader.

Appel has a gift that few authors have. He is able to write a story that actually makes the reader think about the message the story gives. The stories he writes stay in your mind and can be read over and over again. Each time you may see something different or get to see a new message. This could be because of the unique characters he creates, like an orphaned hedgehog. The unexpected things the characters do, like sneak into a sex offender’s house just to see if he really is one, keep your attention because you never know what will happen next. My personal favorite story was The Rod of Asclepius. The story is about a little girl whose father makes her accompany him while he kills patients in the hospitals, all because the doctors could not save his own wife.

I enjoyed Einstein’s Beach House and would love to read more of Appel’s work. I recommend this book to anyone who likes short stories. For sure this will not be the last Appel book I will read. I am officially a fan of his.

I gave this book 5 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads, The Reading Room  and Amazon.

#BookReview Ratham Creek by Marie F. Martin

ratham creek

Featured imageFeatured imageRatham Creek by Marie F. Martin is a drama filled book with some romance thrown in. The book focuses around Arianne Hollis, a widower, who tries to find peace living in the mountains of Montana. There she meets mountain man Ross Ferrell, whom she may have a second chance at love with as long as he can escape his overbearing family’s ways. This romance is trying to happen as a blood feud between the Hoffman’s,another mountain clan, and the Ferrell’s is occurring.

Ratham Creek is the second book I have read by Martin, the first being Harbored Secrets. Martin does not disappoint and once again has surprised me with all the secrets. Just when you think Martin has revealed them all another secret pops up. Granny the matriarch of the Ferrell clan reminded me of the Godfather calling all he shots in the family. She does not trust outsiders and the whole family looked to her for guidance. I loved how close the Ferrell clan was. It made me want to move to their mountain and beg for them to adopt me. The book really takes off towards the middle when a lot begins to happen all at once. This is where readers will have a hard time putting the book down. The ending was something I did not expect and I wish it would have ended differently. No matter, it is still a good book.

I liked this book. Mountain people have always had a reputation of being hillbillies and inbreds. Martin shows that just because it is a rumor does not mean it is true. You should take the time to get to know people before passing judgment. I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and drama. I also look forward to reading Martin’s other novel, Maternal Harbor.

I gave this book 4 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads, The Reading Room and Amazon.

#BookReview The Lost Twin by D.W. Harper


Featured imageFeatured imageThe Lost Twin by D.W. Harper is the sequel to Love, Greed and Lie$. I have not read the first book yet in this series, but if it is as good as The Lost Twin, then it is a must read! This book is filled with drama and secrets. The book focuses mainly on the twin characters Kayla and Layla, but the whole family is in the book. Just when you think this family can take no more, something else happens.

In case you did not read the first book, Love, Greed and Lie$, Harper fills in the reader about everything that has happened in the first chapter of The Lost Twin. This helps the story and characters flow better and make more sense to the reader. The family tree that is included in the book of the characters was extremely helpful to me as well since I was unfamiliar with the characters and their backgrounds. The only thing that I did not like was that I did have a little problem with the twin characters Kayla and Layla, only because their names are so similar. I kept forgetting who was who.

The Lost Twin is definitely a book for drama lovers. The surprise ending leaves you with more questions than answers. I guess that means I will have to read Harper’s next book just to satisfy my curiosity. I am not sure how much more drama and secrets this family can take, but whatever it is it will be good!

I have posted my review on Reader’s Favorite and gave it 4 stars. The book is not yet listed on GoodreadsFeatured image

* I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite

#BookReview Stay Another Night by P.S. Meronek

3 stars copy

Featured imageFeatured image“Old folks don’t lie to their friends. They don’t have the time.” – Claire Anderson

Stay Another Night by P.S. Meronek is an interesting read but it is a little confusing at times. The story follows Coco Stevens, a former stripper, and her relationship throughout her life with mob boss Sam Spielman. This book is romance mixed with a little bit of mystery.

Meronek’s character, Coco, is very likeable and has a heart of gold. The chapters bounce back and forth in time, with no indication of whether it is in the past or present. The only way to know is to continue reading the chapter which makes it a little confusing. Coco’s relationship with Sam is also a bit confusing. When the book started off I thought I was supposed to hate Sam and perceive him as the enemy. Towards the middle I am not sure what my feelings are supposed to be, much like Coco. Perhaps this is exactly what Meronek wanted. Coco seems naïve at times and a little too perfect. I wish I could have 1/10 of the luck she has.

All together the story is good and keeps the reader interested. I do wish there was more about Sam’s past and a little more mobster action. Maybe Meronek can write a book from Sam’s view one day? I recommend this book to anyone who loves to read romance.

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads, Amazon and Reader’s Favorite. I gave it 3.5 on The Reading Room. My review has been posted on all of the above sites.

*I received this ARC in return for an honest review