#BookReview Are We Normal?: Funny, True Stories From an Everyday Family by Christina Scalise

Featured imageAre We Normal? Funny, True Stories from an Everyday Family by Christina Scalise is a quick, humorous read. Not only is this book funny but you can learn from it as well. My own mother also used to tell me “Do not eat yellow snow”. This advice I plan to tell my own child as well.

When I started “Are We Normal?: Funny, True Stories From an Everyday Family”, it seemed like it is was a bunch of random stories from a diary that had been thrown together. You must pay attention because there are chapters and they do have titles that group the stories together. The stories towards the end of the book seem to fit together better as chapters than the ones in the first couple of chapters. I also would of liked to see pictures, especially of the animals.

Christina Scalise’s “Are We Normal?: Funny, True Stories From an Everyday Family” asks a simple question. Are we normal? Every parent has wondered if their children are normal or just a little weird. After reading this book, I can say my child and I am normal. Not only have I experienced some of the same things Scalise has wrote about, but I have my own stories to add if Scalise ever decides to write another book. Scalise’s book has also given me new ideas on how to discipline my child. My personal favorite form of discipline in the book was when Scalise threw her son’s clothes in a tree. I would recommend giving this book to any parents, especially new parents. That way they can compare stories and prepare for the years ahead.

* I received this book for free in return for a review

I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads, Amazon and The Reading Room. I also have submitted my review to Readers’ Favorite and hope it wins an award.Featured imageFeatured image


Gray Days Make Lazy Days

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These gray days make me so sleepy. They seem to drain half of my energy and the baby takes the other half. The baby has also decided that naps are no longer required. I am going to miss my hour of peace and quiet. I also can not wait for the holidays to be over. People get so greedy this time of year. It is as if the “holiday spirit” is an evil force that processes people’s souls. Speaking of greed…I really want to get a Kindle. I have been reading books on my phone and the battery is starting to not hold a charge as long anymore. Enough of my wants and desires…on to book news!

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I have finished all of the books I have received from Goodreads. I am still waiting on three more, two i do not think I will ever get. I have been downloading books from Amazon to read for now. My cousin, Zelmer Wilson, is a new author and has been looking for reviews on his books. A list of his books can be found here.

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The new book I am reading is called Harbored Secrets by Marie F. Martin.  I downloaded it off of Amazon for free. Once I am done my review will be posted on here, Amazon and Goodreads.  I’m always looking for new books to read, so if anyone has a good one left me know!