#BookReview Collection: A Daisy Hunter Story by Marianne Sciucco #MarianneSciucco #DaisyHunter

Featured imageFeatured imageCollection: A Daisy Hunter Story by Marianne Sciucco may be a short story but it is one that stays with you long after you have finished reading it. In fact you will want to reread the story again just to make sure that you did not miss anything. Young Daisy Hunter accompanies her whole family in attempting to collect her father’s pay for painting an entire house. The simple task of collecting money turns out to be more difficult than anyone expected.

Marianne Sciucco paints a beautiful picture with her words in Collection. From the very first paragraph it was as if I was no longer reading the story, but actually sitting in the car with the Hunter family. This story reminded me of the ones my father would tell me about growing up poor. I identified with Daisy Hunter in being the girl that was always picked on or talked about in school because she was not dressed as good as the other kids. The mother, Meg Hunter, is a hero in my eyes. She is the glue of the Hunter family. I do not want to give away the story but I wonder if the mother told Sadie to do it.

I loved Collection. I was sad when I finished the story because I wanted more. I want to read more tales about Daisy and her family’s lives. What happened in this story happens far too often in the world. I recommend everyone to read this story and then just stop and actually think about it.Featured image
*I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite

I gave this story 5 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads and Reader’s Favorite. I will also upload it to The Reading Room.


#BookReview To Do the Deal: A Novel in Stories by Cathy Baker

Featured imageFeatured imageCathy Baker’s book To Do the Deal: A Novel in Stories is an easy read. Like the title states it is a novel made up of short stories. Each chapter is a different year in the life of Kenneth Bodine. The years range from 1991 to 2000 and usually focus on his employment or lack thereof.

I enjoyed reading To Do the Deal and found it funny at times, especially with how Kenneth lost his jobs. My favorite story had to be the first one, where he met his future wife Jodi. The nickname he gave his girlfriend at the time was hilarious. While reading the rest of the chapters I came to the conclusion that I am glad that I am not married to Kenneth because of his lack of trying to move up and find a better job. His wife Jodi is a saint for putting up with him and allowing him to do this. While Kenneth did get on my nerves, I also completely understood him for not knowing what he wanted to do in his life career wise. I liked that Baker made Kenneth like that because it makes him for real as a character. I also really liked the illustrations at the beginning of each chapter.

I would recommend To Do the Deal to anyone who enjoys reading about everyday life. I had trouble remembering this was a work of fiction while reading it. This book seemed too similar to real life. Baker has done a great job.

I gave this book 4 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads, Reader’s Favorite and Amazon.Featured image

*I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite.

#BookReview Brookwood Road: Memories of a Home by Scott Douglas Vaughan

Featured imageFeatured imageBrookwood Road: Memories of a Home by Scott Douglas Vaughan is a collection of thirty-nine short stories inspired by Vaughan’s memories of growing up. Each story takes place on or around Brookwood Home, which is located in Georgia. As Vaughan states in the beginning of the book “Some stories are true. Some of these stories are based on truth. Some of these stories should have been true.” Each story is told through Frank’s eyes, and is unique and obviously told with a love and fondness for the area and people in it.

I chose Brookwood Road because I love to read about memoirs that occur in the South. Vaughan does not disappoint. Some of his stories are humorous and tell of easier times. Other stories just make you wish that you could have lived in those times and experience the same things that Frank did. The very first story in “Brookwood Road” was hilarious. When R.C. Wilcox, the grandfather, forced the hired help to sing upon his newborn grandson’s, named Frank, arrival home. My personal favorite story was “Tallywackers” which also happens to be my new favorite word.  The story was hilarious and occurred when it was still innocent to go skinny-dipping. The story “The Pink Store” had a good message in it that I wish more people would listen to. The story also loved Papa Paul’s advice, “Anytime you are stumped for an answer or find yourself worried about something, I recommend a Hershey chocolate bar.”

I am glad the promise was kept to Vaughan’s father and this book was named “Memories of a Home”.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes memoirs or stories from the South. Reading these stories made me long for my own small town that used to be and the days when a Coca-Cola used to be ten cents.

I gave this book 5 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads, Reader’s Favorite and Amazon.

Featured image* I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite.