#BookReview The Thing with Feathers by Anne Sweazy-Kulju #TheThingWithFeathers #AnneSweazy-Kulju

Featured imageFeatured imageI really enjoyed reading The Thing with Feathers by Anne Sweazy-Kulju. This story starts off in the 1920’s and is about the lives of Blair Bowman and Will Marshall. Blair has been abused by her father since she was a little girl. Will decides to sacrifice his own happiness in order to rescue Blair from him. The story then follows them through the years and the hardships that they both suffer.

The Thing with Feathers is made up of all the good stuff that keeps the reader from putting it down. I like that Sweazy-Kulju did not write a fairytale. In this story there is incest, secrets and never ending drama. This is what makes the story believable, because it is eerily similar to real life. The story did not end like I expected, but I rather like not being able to guess what happens in a book. The character of Will is a hero in my eyes and I cannot imagine anyone these days ever sacrificing their own happiness to save a stranger. I honestly felt Will’s pain throughout the book. Although Will did end up helping Blair, the story makes the saying “No good deed goes unpunished” stand out.

The main message that I got from this story was that if you care for someone, then let them know today. Tomorrow may be too late. This book made me appreciate my family more. I think Anne Sweazy-Kulju did a great job on this book. I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

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I gave this book 5 stars and posted my review on Goodreads, The Reading Room and Reader’s Favorite.


#BookReview Lady of the Manor by Adrian Q. Heflin #LadyoftheManor #AdrianQHeflin

Featured imageFeatured imageLady of the Manor by Adrian Q. Heflin is my favorite kind of book. Not since V.C. Andrew’s book Flowers in the Attic have I read about so much family drama and so many secrets. The story follows the lives of the Creek family. Rosemary Creek, the evil matriarch, forces her son and his family to live with her in her manor in order to stay in her will. The manor is home to thirty years of dark family secrets. Every member of Rosemary’s family, as well as the whole town, hates her with a passion but is too scared to go against her orders.

I thought Lady of the Manor was a fantastic, drama filled book. Reading about another family’s drama always makes me appreciate my own family. Especially after reading about all of Rosemary Creek’s dark secrets. My absolute favorite thing about this book was all of the secrets. Some of those secrets were absolutely shocking which made it hard to put down the book in case another secret was coming. Heflin is a genius when it comes to putting twists and turns in a story. I loved how Heflin gave every character a background story telling of where they came from. I also liked that every character in this book had a secret.

Lady of the Manor is the type of book that I will read over again just to make sure that I did not miss any secrets. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a V.C. Andrews fan. I am talking about the original V.C. Andrews, not the ghost writer who is far too innocent for my tastes.   There is no reason why this book should not be on a best seller list.Featured image

*I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite. I have posted my review on Reader’s Favorite, Goodreads and The Reading Room.

#BookReview Conflicting Webs by Darlene Quinn

Featured imageFeatured imageI absolutely loved Conflicting Webs by Darlene Quinn. Conflicting Webs, which happens to be a stand-alone story, is the fifth addition to Quinn’s Web series. The Web series contains four other books. This is the first book I have read in the Web series so I was happy that Quinn fills the reader in on some of the things from the other books in the series. This book focuses on the wedding of April Toddman and Kyle Clark. It also revolves around a custody battle for Lindsay Levin. There is also a lot more that happens, but I will not spoil it. This story is filled with just the right about of drama and everything that occurs is believable. The characters are mostly loveable and all of them are unique.

Conflicting Webs contains a cast of characters which the book focuses on. At first I felt there were too many characters to focus on but when I continued reading I appreciated that Quinn tells each character’s side of the story and point of view. Every character has a reason for being in this book. I also like how everyone of Quinn’s characters, no matter how bad they are, all have a little good in them. I liked the character of April Toddman because she is a strong female who always tries to do the right thing. I hated Howard Levin, but so did everyone else in the book. Nora Levin is a saint for putting up with him and not hiring a hitman. Lindsay Levin is the character my heart went out to the most. She is surrounded by love but no one person can really take care of her.

Overall I really enjoyed Conflicting Webs. It reminded me of the television show “Brothers & Sisters” in that everyone is related or their paths cross in some way. I liked that Quinn wrote about Survivor’s Guilt. It helped me to realize that people in my own life are suffering from it. I will be looking into reading the rest of the Web series as well as Quinn’s other book. I recommend this book for anyone who like reading drama and family stories.Featured image
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I have given this book 5 stars and have posted reviews on Goodreads, The Reading Room and Reader’s Favorite. The book is not available on Amazon til April 7th, so I was unable to post it there.

#BookReview Ratham Creek by Marie F. Martin

Featured imageFeatured imageRatham Creek by Marie F. Martin is a drama filled book with some romance thrown in. The book focuses around Arianne Hollis, a widower, who tries to find peace living in the mountains of Montana. There she meets mountain man Ross Ferrell, whom she may have a second chance at love with as long as he can escape his overbearing family’s ways. This romance is trying to happen as a blood feud between the Hoffman’s,another mountain clan, and the Ferrell’s is occurring.

Ratham Creek is the second book I have read by Martin, the first being Harbored Secrets. Martin does not disappoint and once again has surprised me with all the secrets. Just when you think Martin has revealed them all another secret pops up. Granny the matriarch of the Ferrell clan reminded me of the Godfather calling all he shots in the family. She does not trust outsiders and the whole family looked to her for guidance. I loved how close the Ferrell clan was. It made me want to move to their mountain and beg for them to adopt me. The book really takes off towards the middle when a lot begins to happen all at once. This is where readers will have a hard time putting the book down. The ending was something I did not expect and I wish it would have ended differently. No matter, it is still a good book.

I liked this book. Mountain people have always had a reputation of being hillbillies and inbreds. Martin shows that just because it is a rumor does not mean it is true. You should take the time to get to know people before passing judgment. I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and drama. I also look forward to reading Martin’s other novel, Maternal Harbor.

I gave this book 4 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads, The Reading Room and Amazon.

#BookReview The Lost Twin by D.W. Harper

Featured imageFeatured imageThe Lost Twin by D.W. Harper is the sequel to Love, Greed and Lie$. I have not read the first book yet in this series, but if it is as good as The Lost Twin, then it is a must read! This book is filled with drama and secrets. The book focuses mainly on the twin characters Kayla and Layla, but the whole family is in the book. Just when you think this family can take no more, something else happens.

In case you did not read the first book, Love, Greed and Lie$, Harper fills in the reader about everything that has happened in the first chapter of The Lost Twin. This helps the story and characters flow better and make more sense to the reader. The family tree that is included in the book of the characters was extremely helpful to me as well since I was unfamiliar with the characters and their backgrounds. The only thing that I did not like was that I did have a little problem with the twin characters Kayla and Layla, only because their names are so similar. I kept forgetting who was who.

The Lost Twin is definitely a book for drama lovers. The surprise ending leaves you with more questions than answers. I guess that means I will have to read Harper’s next book just to satisfy my curiosity. I am not sure how much more drama and secrets this family can take, but whatever it is it will be good!

I have posted my review on Reader’s Favorite and gave it 4 stars. The book is not yet listed on GoodreadsFeatured image

* I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite