#BookReview Faraway by R. K. Kline & Daniel D. Maurer #Faraway

Featured imageFeatured imageI thought Faraway by R. K. Kline & Daniel D. Maurer was a great story. Kline & Maurer offer a glimpse into the life of Kevin, a teenage male prostitute. The story takes place near St. Louis, Missouri in the seventies and tells how Kevin got into prostitution, his friendships and his experiences.

From the very beginning Faraway was hard to put down. R. K. Kline & Daniel D. Maurer have done a good job telling this story. I have always been curious how people get into prostitution and human trafficking. The way Kevin got into it was he was more or less looking for love in the wrong place and was tricked. Being a gay teenager in the seventies was harder than it is today. When people hear “human trafficking” they think people from other countries being kidnapped and forced to prostitute themselves. People do not realize that “human trafficking” is closer to home and happening in just about every major city in America. I wanted to jump in the story and save Kevin and his friends. He could have escaped the prostitution but I understand why he stayed. His friends Squirrel and Stevie did not have that option to escape and go back to a loving family. It is amazing that after all that, that Kevin turned out as well as he did.

In case you missed it, R. K. Kline is Kevin and this story is true. This story was obviously painful for Kevin to tell. If I could I would give Kevin a big hug and tell him I am proud that he is trying to help others with his story. I will definitely be recommending Faraway to people.Featured image

*I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite

I gave this book 5 stars and have posted my review on Reader’s Favorite, Goodreads and The Reading Room.


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