#BookReview Another Sunset by Jason Zandri #AnotherSunset #JasonZandri

Featured imageFeatured imageIf there was a way to give Another Sunset by Jason Zandri more than five stars then I would. This book was an inspirational and at the same time a very emotional read. When David Stephenson, a drifter, arrives in the small town of Westville, Texas he sets about to help the people there. David focuses on making a little girl’s dream come true. While he is there he touches the lives and hearts of Westville’s residents. The people of Westville are not sure where David came from but they know he is hiding something and are set to uncover his secret.

I have never read a book with so many inspirational quotes in it. Another Sunset is filled with them. One of my favorite quotes was “Life happens while you’re busy making other plans. You have to grab onto it when you can and ride it for all it’s worth.”  At first I thought David was an angel sent to the town to restore its faith in humanity. Reading on I knew David was running or hiding from something. Zandri does an awesome job of not revealing too much of what David is hiding until the very end. Caroline Romero is a little girl with a big dream. The dream she has was a dream very mature for her age and it made me wonder how many towns are forgotten about like Westville.  It is rare for me to like all the characters in a book, but I did with Another Sunset. In fact I got emotionally attached to them. I admit this book actually made me cry at some point in it. I cannot blame it on hormones, but I can blame it on Zandri for forcing me to love his characters that much.

Jason Zandri has written a prequel to Another Sunset named Before Another Sunset. If it is anything like Another Sunset then it is also a must read. I will be recommending Another Sunset to everyone I know.Featured image

*I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite and have published;ished my review on Reader’s Favorite and Goodreads


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