#BookReview The Herd from 93rd by William Scalin

Featured imageFeatured imageThe Herd from 93rd by William Scalin is a book filled with captivating memories and humorous moments from Scalin’s own life. Upon turning fifty, Scalin is thrown a surprise birthday party. Attending this party are many of his lifelong friends or otherwise known as “The Herd from 93rd”. Seeing all his friends in one place causes memories of growing up with them to overflow, resulting in a book that makes me wish that I too could belong to the Herd from 93rd.

In The Herd from 93rd Scalin shares his love for his friends, beer and cars. Scalin grew up in a time when friendship and loyalty still meant something. I find it amazing that Scalin has so many good friends. Today it is so hard to find just one loyal friend. This shows me that Scalin is a pretty cool person to know. This book also taught me a couple of things. The first is a new way to look for a job. Reading the obituaries is a pretty genius idea. The second is how to teach my child to appreciate her things more, by getting her to clean them each time she uses them. The story I found the funniest in The Herd from 93rd is when Harold bought the bar. Personally I think Harold knew what he was doing the whole time and was not crazy. Reading this book also made me realize how times have changed. Now days if a member of a school staff puts their hands on you in any way it is a lawsuit. What the vice principal did to Scalin was uncalled for.

I really enjoyed reading about Scalin’s and his friends’ lives in The Herd from 93rd. It reminded me of the stories my dad told me about his life growing up. I do wish I grew up then when things seemed to be easier. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a glimpse of the past.

I gave this book 5 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads,story-e-books.com and Amazon.


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