#BookReview Street Light by R. L. Herron #TheReicholdStreetTrilogy

Featured imageFeatured imageStreet Light by R. L. Herron is the third book in the Reichold Street Trilogy. It also happens to be the first book in the series that I have read. Street Light is sort of a follow up book of all the events that have occurred in the first two, yet it also contains its own events.

Having not read the first two books in the Reichold Street Trilogy, I was a little lost at first, but R. L. Herron was quick to fix that by revealing pieces of major events that occurred in the earlier books. The Reichold Street Trilogy follows the lives of a group of friends from their teenage years, through Vietnam, and a deadly stalker. In Street Light the Reichold Street gang thought that they finally escaped the person that was trying to ruin their lives. Little did they know that evil has many faces and they are not safe on their own territory.

I found Street Light hard to put down, especially after R. L. Herron revealed a little of what happened in the other books. I especially liked how R. L. Herron told each character’s perspective by making every chapter told by a different character. My favorite character was Donnie, just because he was loveable and seemed to have lost the most. The friendship that the group had was amazing. I found myself regretting that I have never a lifelong friendship like them.

L. Herron has made me want to read his previous books in the Reichold Street Trilogy, just so I can make sure I read the full story. If they are anything like Street Light then they are great. I recommend anyone to read Street Light but my advice is to start with the first book, Reichold Street.Featured image

*I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite and have posted my review on Goodreads, Reader’s Favorite and The Reading Room.


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