#BookReview Shorts and Shudders: Eight short stories, including some to make you (slightly) shudder by Gwendolyn Savvy

Featured imageFeatured imageShorts and Shudders: Eight short stories, including some to make you (slightly) shudder by Gwendolyn Savvy is a quick read made up of eight short stories. Some stories are cute and funny others leave you in shock. I have listed each story and my thoughts on them.

The Goddess Diary: Tania Witherspoon is a self-proclaimed Goddess who is able to control people with her thoughts. She takes her new job very seriously and attempts to fix all that is wrong in the world.
I thought this story that takes place in the year 2022 was cute. Savvy has wrote this story as if you are reading Tania’s diary. It was funny that when Tania laughs people get hiccups. The story left me wishing I too was a Goddess.

Suitor: Polly Paloma is a loving, widowed grandmother. When she returns from vacation in Cancun, she mistakenly picks up a stranger’s luggage. The suitcase happens to belong to a male. Polly then starts to imagine who the items in the suitcase belong to and starts to fall for that person.
I thought the ending of this story was going to be predictable but I was wrong. The ending had me surprised. Savvy definitely surprised me with this story.

Only the Best for Me: Marjorie Walsh only wants the best. When her kitchen is remodeled she discovers an imperfection. That imperfection scares her and when she is left home alone, something happens.
This story was a little eerie. It reminded me of something I would see on The Twilight Zone. I will never look at my own kitchen’s imperfections the same way again.

Log Off: Jennifer Cole is stuck at her dead end job when weird messages start appearing on her computer screen.
This story was funny I was not sure what kind of ending to expect. I could see myself doing something like what occurs in the story one day.
Hello Tomato!: Is a story about the most perfect tomato to ever grace this earth and the guy who fell in love with it.
This story was kind of a cute love story. It is a story I would tell my child in hope that she will take an interest in vegetables.

Curses: Tabitha decides to steal a sorcerer’s book of curses, after he puts curse on everyone in her apartment building.
I thought it was pretty clever of how Tabitha decided to go about stealing the book of curses. I liked that everyone worked together.

Dog Rules: This story is about a dog and it is told through his eyes. The dog is very protective of his female owner.
I love that this story is through the dog’s eyes. I know my dog does the exact same thing to get my attention.

Welcome to My World: Joe-Joe is the Professor’s assistant. When the Professor starts spending time with a former student, Joe-Joe is a little jealous. That is until the Professor finally introduces him to a former student.
This is another story I would expect to see on The Twilight Zone. I was not sure what to expect, and once again I was wrong with my guess.

Gwendolyn Savvy has a gift for telling stories. I love how all of them are unique. When you think one is going to end a certain way it does not. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys short stories.Featured image

I gave this book 5 stars. Every story was unique and I could not guess the endings correctly. That is something I enjoy. My review is posted on Goodreads, Reader’s Favorite and Amazon.
*I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review


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