Woman’s rude note over handicapped parking spot goes viral

This is such a shame! I hope the apartment complex solves this.


[van id=”van/ns-acc/2015/03/17/NE-009TU_CNNA-ST1-1000000002990382″]

MIAMISBURG, Ohio — An Ohio woman with a prosthetic leg says she was happy when her apartment complex gave her a parking spot closer to her door, but now she is in a battle of words with a neighbor who keeps taking her spot.

Accoridng to WKEF, 26-year-old Ashley Brady lost her right leg in an accident last year. She learned to walk again with a prosthetic, but getting across her apartment complex’s parking lot proved difficult, especially when there was snow and ice.

So, the apartment complex designated a parking spot for Brady to park closer and avoid icy falls.

“I finally get my handicapped parking spot last Thursday, and then I come home on Saturday, and they’re parking in my parking spot,” Brady told WKEF.

She decided to leave a note when she didn’t see a handicap placard or plate, but in return, she received a very rude letter under her…

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