#BookReview Defiance by M. Elaine Moore

*I received this ARC for an honest review

Featured imageFeatured imageDefiance by M. Elaine Moore is the second book in The Human Sacrifice Series. It is also the first one I have read. The book follows up on Detective Aubri Payton after her abduction in the first book, Human Sacrifice, and her rescue by her partner Chris Avery. This book is not so much a crime novel as it is a book about a woman trying to live again after a brutal kidnapping.

Defiance is a book of emotions. After Detective Aubri Payton’s kidnapping the only person she lets get close to her is her partner and savior Chris Avery. Even then she keeps him at arm length. The book goes back and forth with their feelings for each other. Both characters try so hard to be strong and fight their need for each other. It is obvious to the reader that these two characters are better off together and have a strong connection. I admit I wanted to crawl in the book and slap both characters and handcuff them together at times. Moore does throw in a little excitement when more crimes similar to what happened to Aubri start occurring, but the main focus of the book is Aubri and Chris and their relationship.

Defiance is a book of fiction but what Aubri feels and goes through after her abduction is real to actual kidnapping victims. They cannot just get over what happened to them like they would in a book. I liked that Moore kept that part of the story true to life. I also really liked how Chris treated his informant Constantine and that he valued him as a person. That is something I have never seen in all the books I have read.

I did enjoy this book. At first it was a little too emotional for me but once reading the whole story I understood why. I would like to read Moore’s next book in the series to see if it is any different or if the crimes keep repeating.Featured image

*I received this ARC for an honest review

I gave this book 4 stars because while it was good it was too emotional for me. Those emotions kept going back and forth a little too much. I have posted my review on Goodreads, Amazon, The Reading Room and Reader’s Favorite.


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