#BookReview Einstein’s Beach House: Stories by Jacob M. Appel

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*The author sent me a free copy of his book in return for an honest review.

Einstein’s Beach House: Stories by Jacob M. Appel is a book of eight unique short stories. Each story in this book is so different and unlike anything I have ever read. Each story also has a message in it. How you interpret is all up to the reader.

Appel has a gift that few authors have. He is able to write a story that actually makes the reader think about the message the story gives. The stories he writes stay in your mind and can be read over and over again. Each time you may see something different or get to see a new message. This could be because of the unique characters he creates, like an orphaned hedgehog. The unexpected things the characters do, like sneak into a sex offender’s house just to see if he really is one, keep your attention because you never know what will happen next. My personal favorite story was The Rod of Asclepius. The story is about a little girl whose father makes her accompany him while he kills patients in the hospitals, all because the doctors could not save his own wife.

I enjoyed Einstein’s Beach House and would love to read more of Appel’s work. I recommend this book to anyone who likes short stories. For sure this will not be the last Appel book I will read. I am officially a fan of his.

I gave this book 5 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads, The Reading Room  and Amazon.


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