#BookReview The Lost Twin by D.W. Harper

Featured imageFeatured imageThe Lost Twin by D.W. Harper is the sequel to Love, Greed and Lie$. I have not read the first book yet in this series, but if it is as good as The Lost Twin, then it is a must read! This book is filled with drama and secrets. The book focuses mainly on the twin characters Kayla and Layla, but the whole family is in the book. Just when you think this family can take no more, something else happens.

In case you did not read the first book, Love, Greed and Lie$, Harper fills in the reader about everything that has happened in the first chapter of The Lost Twin. This helps the story and characters flow better and make more sense to the reader. The family tree that is included in the book of the characters was extremely helpful to me as well since I was unfamiliar with the characters and their backgrounds. The only thing that I did not like was that I did have a little problem with the twin characters Kayla and Layla, only because their names are so similar. I kept forgetting who was who.

The Lost Twin is definitely a book for drama lovers. The surprise ending leaves you with more questions than answers. I guess that means I will have to read Harper’s next book just to satisfy my curiosity. I am not sure how much more drama and secrets this family can take, but whatever it is it will be good!

I have posted my review on Reader’s Favorite and gave it 4 stars. The book is not yet listed on GoodreadsFeatured image

* I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite


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