#BookReview Caskets From Costco by Kelly Wilson

Featured imageFeatured imageCaskets From Costco by Kelly Wilson is an interesting read. The book filled me with a whole mixture of emotions while reading it. The book is funny but sad at times. It also makes you want to hug the author while slapping the people around her. I chose this book because I wanted to see how someone else deals with grief.

I thought Caskets from Costco was going to be mainly about the death of the author’s father-in-law and depression, but it was also about her life, the birth of her children and the abuse she suffered. It was a history of the beginning of her PTSD. The birth of Wilson’s first child brought back so many memories to me about the birth of my own child. We both had C-sections and were both unable to hold our child the first day. We both also made deals with our spouses in order to get pregnant. Wilson’s deal with her husband was a remodeled kitchen. I also really loved the story of Big John and Little John. It had a great message in it.

I enjoyed reading Caskets from Costco. This is a great book for anyone who has ever been depressed. Wilson made me feel like I am not alone, seeing how she has been through some of the same things that I have. I am glad to know that I am not the only one that Christmas time depresses. Most importantly, I also learned that Costco does in fact sell caskets.Featured image

I gave this book 4 stars and have posted my review on Reader’s Favorite, Goodreads and The Reading Room. I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite.


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