#BookReview The Forgotten Girls by Alexa Steele

Featured image“You can start the day a stone cold loser-and end it a hero.” – Detective Jimmy “Mack” Menendez

The Forgotten Girls by Alexa Steele is a quick and easy read. The book is a murder mystery that has a lot of suspects. You will think you will have it figured out, but Steele throws in so many twists that you will second guess yourself.

The Forgotten Girls is the first book in The Suburban Murder Series. Steele’s main female character, Detective Isabella “Bella” DeFranco is a smart, likeable young detective. DeFranco is forced to team up with Detective Jimmy “Mack” Menendez, an older washed up detective in desperate need to get back into police work. Together they make an interesting team that happen to fit together well. It reminded me a little bit of Law and Order: SVU. I think DeFranco and Menendez might be the new Benson and Stabler. Of course the detective team solve the murder but not before they realize that they do work well together.

I enjoyed The Forgotten Girls and would like to continue reading the series. I liked that the book concentrated on the actual murder mystery and not on romance, which many other murder mysteries seem to do. I personally figured out who did it near the middle of the book but Steele made me wonder if I had it right by throwing in more twists and surprises.

I gave this book 4 stars and have posted my review on Goodreads,The Reading Room and Amazon.Featured image


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