#BookReview Looming Shadow by Brian Wilkerson

Featured imageLooming Shadow by Brian Wilkerson is the second book in the Journey to Chaos series. The first book is A Mage’s Power. Looming Shadow follows Eric, a mage, as he returns to his home in Ataidar. While there he reunites with his friends, has many adventures and tries to find some answers to the mana mutation. The book reminds me a little of Harry Potter, just a lot more action and with mages instead of wizards.

I have not read Wilkerson’s first book yet so Looming Shadow is my first time reading about Eric and his adventures. When I started reading Looming Shadow I knew I was missing part of the story, it having been told in the first book. Wilkerson does a good job in trying to fill in the blanks in Looming Shadow. He reminds, or in my case, tells the reader a little bit of the backstory of the characters and storyline. This helps the story come together and flow nicely. I also loved Wilkerson’s female character Tika. Tika is a strong female fighter character who is never shown as a damsel in distress. I also really enjoyed that Wilkerson put a map of the Isaryu continent in the beginning of the book. It helps the reader get a stronger picture of everywhere Eric travels.

Overall I enjoyed Looming Shadow and would like to read Wilkerson’s first book A Mage’s Power. I can say that Wilkerson has gained a fan in me. I recommend this book to all fantasy book lovers as well as Harry Potter fans. I look forward to the next book in the series Mana Mutation Menace.

I gave this book 4 stars I have posted my review on Reader’s Favorite and Goodreads.Featured image
* I reviewed this book for Reader’s Favorite


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