Feeling Sorry for Myself ~ Rant

Featured imageToday is Christmas. I have been running around for weeks making sure everyone has the perfect gift or at least something they will like. I only expected one person to take the time to do the same for me. I was let down big time. I know this sounds selfish. When my hubby gave me my gift bag I was excited because I thought he actually took time to think about me. So when I opened this bag I was shocked and disappointed. In the bag was a pair of slippers, a gift card and a small box of chocolates. I know I should be happy I got anything at all right? Well I’m not. Let me explain here because I don’t think I could explain it to him.

1. The slippers: He JUST bought me a pair of slippers two weeks ago. I really didn’t need more, to make matters worse they were the SAME damn slippers he bought me just a different color.

2. The gift card: The night before he asked me what I wanted and I said an Amazon gift card. He said No! So what is this gift card he gives me? An ice cream gift card to a place that is nowhere near us. Yes I do LOVE ice cream, but there is no Coldstone near me so most likely will not use it.

3. The chocolate: This I liked 🙂

So Yes I may be selfish and feeling sorry for myself but it is obvious he didn’t put any thought into my gift. He spent more time picking out gifts for his co-workers who he doesn’t even like. He said he had no time. My mind remembers him having time for the gym and to shop for all of his family members. So what gift did I expect from him? I expected something that was not so obviously last-minute and with some thought put in it. I personally would have loved an I.O.U dinner date with no baby. The way I feel now I actually would have preferred no gift at all. Am I wrong to feel this way? I don’t know but I feel hurt. I will get over it, just not today. Just being able to rant is such a big help for me. So thank you for letting me rant.

Merry Christmas


2 thoughts on “Feeling Sorry for Myself ~ Rant

  1. Oh I feel terrible for you as I read through your post. My empathy comes from a place of familiarity for me. I have been there and my friends have been there too. The first Christmas after my one friend was married, he went to CVS (open 24hours) and bought her presents last minute. Needless to say she was disappointed with an electric toothbrush and some lotion (this was before they sold gift cards). On the bright side, they are still married. . . happily. I would tell him nicely how you feel. Sometimes men are just dumb and I find at times I need to remind my husband to think about me. I will say something like, this is coming up, lets make it special for one another. We just need to “bunk” them in the head like that V8 commercial. LOL It will be okay and I the chocolates sound delicious. Merry Christmas!!

    (return the slippers, get a sitter and go on a date night adventure to find a Cold Stone and go out for ice cream!!)

    1. Lol your post made me laugh. Thanks I really needed that. I feel bad for being mad at him but I can’t help it. I like your idea about a date night adventure! I will try to remind him from now on. Merry Christmas!

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