#BookReview StreetCreds by Zach Fortier

Featured imageStreetCreds is the second book I have read from Zach Fortier. The first book was Landed on Black. StreetCreds is similar to Landed on Black in that the book is filled with short stories but focuses mainly on the gang experiences.
I enjoyed seeing the life of a police officer through Fortier’s eyes. Especially a police officer’s experiences with gang members. Living In Chicago, I am surrounded by gang members. I have never understood them and probably never will. Many people do not realise that just like with any job there is competition within the workplace. I know I never realised that could happen in the police department, but it does explain why some cases are never fully investigated.
I enjoyed this book and it was an easy read. I look forward to reading Fortier’s other works. I would also like the mayor of Chicago to hire him to fight the gangs in the city.

I gave StreetCreds 5 stars on both Amazon and Goodreads.


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