Potty Training Adventures ~ Mystery of the Poop

Following the successful potty training day we had a couple days ago, my baby would like to announce that she also poops the letter “L”. I will not be posting pictures of her great success, mainly because it is a little gross. I am wondering what letter will come out of her butt next. Is it some kind of code? First the letter J and now L. I am wondering if the first ever poop which was called a frog and then a sheep has anything to do with it. Only time and the next bowel movement will tell. Now in other news….

Featured image

We attended the Toys for Tots parade yesterday. This is the best parade in Chicago. There were 100’s of bikes. It seemed smaller than last year, but still amazing. So many different motorcycles and unique helmets. I hope to actually ride in it one day. Featured image

I have started reading “Xoe: or Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, Oh My!” by Sara C. RoethleI have always loved fantasy books as loFeatured imageng as they are not too much into fantasy. I like to see the real world mixed into the story as well.  So far this book is exactly what I enjoy!


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