Funny Moment in Potty Training

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It seems as if I have been potty training my 3-year-old forever. I finally have her going pee in the potty but going poop is an issue. Yesterday I knew she had to go, but she kept refusing! I made her sit on the potty for half an hour. Finally she stands up with this huge smile. She looks down at her creation and starts screaming “I did a J”! All day long I heard her bragging that she had “pooped the letter J”. She has always been obsessed with letters and numbers, so I figure if she thinks her butt can create letters on the potty, then so be it. I for one am a super proud Mommy. Here’s to hoping we can make another letter today!

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I have wonFeatured image a Goodreads contest. The book I will be receiving is “The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone” by Adele Griffin.  I can not wait to receive it because I am almost done with my other Goodreads book.


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