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There are many money saving apps for your smartphone. I have tried a lot and am still looking for more! I actually made money back by using multiple apps at once. If anyone has knows of more apps please let me know. Here is my list of good apps that actually work:


Everyone seems to use Ibotta. It’s an app that gives you money back in you purchase certain items from certain stores. You must scan the product and your receipt. Plus side is now all of your friends that use it are on your team and you can earn bonus money together. You can cashout to Paypal at $10 minimum on Venmo. You can also choose your money in the  form of a gift card.

My referral code is: wnpcg

Receipt Hog

This is one of my favorite apps. You earn points by scanning receipts. I am always picking receipts up off the ground and scanning them. if you scan receipts 5 weeks in a row, every receipt you scan afterwards is a free spin. You can win coins on the spins which helps you to cash out faster. You can cash out at minimum $5 to Paypal or to Amazon. Very easy app to use and earn money.

My referral code is: fraf8685

Checkout 51

This app is similar to Ibotta, but you can purchase the products at any store. No need to scan the product, just scan the receipt.  I always look at the receipts I pick up off the floor for Receipt Hog and see if there is a product for this app on them.  Cashout is minimum $20 to Paypal.

No referral code


This app you can use to check-in to places. It also has a list of items for you to scan to get points. I like to use this app when I go to a mall. Many stores that I just simply need to stand in to get points are there. Cash out is in a form of a electronic gift card. There are many different cards and cash out is usually $5 minimum.

My referral code is: 


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